Time Freedom

Today, most people still have the mentality that all of us have to struggle to work for a living. All these were due to the necessity to have an income. We exchange our time to work to have income. And with that income, we will be able to spend time with our family, friends or our loved ones, but the time spent is not enough, no time freedom.

Next question is this, everyone of us has our own goals or dreams, and are all these achieveable? To you, the answer now is “No”. Why? Because we exchange our time for an income. If we stop working, there is no income, and we, or the people around us will suffer!

Time freedom means waking up every monrning when you want, you can go on vacation or round-the-world trips when you feel like it and for how long you want. Or you would like to spend as much time as you want with your partner or loved ones, eat and sleep when you feel like it, going to the movies or the sauna or the museum on a Wednesday afternoon.

Having time freedom means not stressing you out and running around like a headless chicken on steroids. Having freedom of time lets you slow down and relax, and let you appreciate life, your environment, people around you and the world in a much deeper way.

Time is really what all of us should strive for because when you begin to realise that time is more valuable than money (income), you automatically become wealthier. And you definitely don’t have enough of it in a 9-5 job. It takes a third of your day, five days a week, or even more!

It means having less routine and restrictions, and more flexibility to be spontaneous.

It also means you can spend your time doing more remarkable, meaningful things. Like change the world or other people’s lives. It means you can lead a more unconventional lifestyle.

Lets go on our journey….