Passive Income

In the “Rich Dad Poor Dad” book, income (or money) from financial freedom does not consitutes that income is derived from anywhere. Because almost make income from anywhere.  But the book defines that this income must be income derived from property or passive income from business, investment or royalty income.

What is Passive Income?

Passive income is income that continues to work and continues to earn income for you even if you go on holidays, gardening, spend more time with your family etc.

With the words “holidays” or “stop working”, where many people find that it is an impossible task because one has to keep working to survive for himself/herself and families, which includes myself.  This is the herd mentality of the 90% of the world.

In fact, if you look carefully, you will find that the root of the problem goes back to “expenses” and it is not income.  So people like you who wants to have financial freedom, you need to be see yourself and use this former word “expenses” because expenses is about living our lifestyles.

Take note that the word “lifestyle” refers to our daily needs and it is all about us, and everyone of us have different ideals.

When we talk about lifestyle, we are referring to what we have been dreaming,  dream cars, big houses for family and travelling in the future. In our opinions all along, we could only borrow all these by envying at others who have all these. But yet these same very people are just like you, they are 100% human as much as you are. They also 24 hours just like you.

Right now, I do not know if you can sit and talk to yourself about living your dreams, you may find that the journey to financial freedom is not that hard   than you could have expected.