Financial Education

The most common reason most people do not achieve financial freedom is the lack of knowledge, financial education. They hardly knows how to define it, almost nobody knows how to measure it. Everybody dreams about it and associate it with the things they like to do if they think that they had financial freedom.

When you ask people what is financial freedom, they say things like have all the time available to do what you want, or travel around the world whenever you want, or have a big house, or be my own boss, spend more time with my family, and the list goes on….

This is fine, but they are only some of the results of being financially free, have a better quality of life. Another mistake is to confuse financial freedom within having a lot of money, in fact there are many people who earn a lot from month to month but spend more than you earn. Know someone who would make this happen?

Financial freedom is achieved when passive income, are greater than the total expenses that allow you to have the quality of life you want.

Another very important tip many people associate financial freedom with a certain type of business or activity. Not so, the opportunities to make money does not provide financial freedom even if you make it the way you manage, multiply and use that money.

See the following statistics below and think where you would be.

The following is a real statistic that Of 100 people reeaching the age of 65:
1 ………. Was Wealthy.
4 ………. Had Revenue.
3 ………. Were working.
16 ………. They had died.
76 ………. Dependent on someone else.

At the age of 65 years, 92% of had died and others had absolutely no resources.

Your Financial Freedom Tomorrow
Only you can determine how you will live tomorrow. The money you need to sustain your future will come from the money saved during your working years and previously invested, to be used later.

If we can see the relationship between the two statistics is time to stop and think through the hands of these people at the age of 65 and then without resources spent during their productive life for their coffers a fortune that can not imagine, most possible is that lack of financial education did not know how to take it.

If you really want to achieve financial freedom and have a better quality of life, it will not be easy. But if you can and have the strong passion, what you need to do is to learn, educate yourself with financial intelligence and determination to persist until you do. These are what all those who have achieved financial freedom have done so. But it is important first of all to know what is the number for your financial freedom.