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Believe In Yourself

Taken from: “Arriving at 1.15pm on Wednesday, the Portuguese star first answered questions from the students, revealing that he started playing football at four years old after being influenced by his brothers and father. He was also asked how he “became a star,” to which he replied with a smile, “Stars are in the […]

How To Become A Millionaire

Many people wonder how to become a millionaire, and dream of one day of achieving it and the truth is that only a few succeed. But is it really possible to become a millionaire in an economy like today. The answer is yes! But this is not easy, you have to pay the price. The […]

Financial Education For Financial Freedom

Financial Education The most common reason most people do not achieve financial freedom is the lack of knowledge, financial education. They hardly knows how to define it, almost nobody knows how to measure it. Everybody dreams about it and associate it with the things they like to do if they think that they had financial […]

7 Steps To Financial Freedom by Dave Ramsey

Dave Ramsey, who became a young millionaire, filed for bankruptcy before the age of 30. Among his bestselling books is the New York Times Bestseller ” The Total Money Makeover”. The basis of his financial education stands on 7 steps that will lead to freedom. It is worth noting that “freedom” does not necessarily mean […]

How To Achieve Financial Freedom?

The ability to have the economic resources and to decide how to spend it wisely, is what we call financial freedom. The vast majority of us have to start building slowly through our work and savings plans. In general, we want to have financial freedom for the education of our children, home ownership, retirement etc. […]

Freedom of Choice

Freedom of Choice “Wealth gives you freedom to make choices” – Oprah Winfrey Because of “money”, it makes us the person capable of doing anything. Or we do not like ourselves for the jobs that we are working, just to have an income. If this is the case, financial freedom will not mean anything. Freedom […]

Time Freedom

Time Freedom Today, most people still have the mentality that all of us have to struggle to work for a living. All these were due to the necessity to have an income. We exchange our time to work to have income. And with that income, we will be able to spend time with our family, […]

Passive Income

Passive Income In the “Rich Dad Poor Dad” book, income (or money) from financial freedom does not consitutes that income is derived from anywhere. Because almost make income from anywhere.  But the book defines that this income must be income derived from property or passive income from business, investment or royalty income. What is Passive […]

True Financial Freedom

What is True Financial Freedom? My rich dad used to say, “You can never have true freedom without financial freedom….” – Rich Dad Poor Dad 2 – Cashflow Quadrants by Robert Kiyosaki The term “Financial Freedom” has been popular and widely used and talk about a lot in the last 15 years as it is […]